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Uvolnil se termín 1. 4. 2022

Zpravidla máme víkendové termíny obsazeny na dva roky dopředu, zvláště když se jedná o nějaké hezké datum… no a teď se nám jedno takové uvolnilo, takže pokud máte zájem o svatbu nebo oslavu na Rosetě, může být Vaše 🙂

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody
in the company from the chairman on down.

Sam Walton

Do not invite work friends that are not going to be friends after you change your job. Invite no one for work. If anyone asks say it was your in-laws rule. Just think how much less annoying it will be if you plan on keeping your job. No endless stories for years to come about your gross cake (joking) or the time Timmy decided to use the bushes to relieve himself and your grandma saw. Joking again or maybe not. Additionally, your parents should not be allowed to invite their work friends either, and that goes for both sets of parents. Lastly, in the New York City and surrounding suburban areas it is really hard to find many attractive venues that have a guest count at or exceeding 250 people. There are enough venues that push their max capacity to be more attractive to more couples. If you doubt how comfortable their max capacity would be for you and your guests, then you may want to ask your coordinator to tell it like it is – is your guest count pushing it? Maybe ask for some photos of past weddings with a higher guest count or start instagram.